Born from the Institute of Materials Science – a leading research institute in materials science, trained through international projects and trained step by step through industrial activities, the Assessment Center Damaged material possesses a team of professionally qualified, precise research staff and effective dynamic behavior to meet the requirements of the industry.

COMFA’s team includes materials, mechanics, chemistry and corrosion majors, trained through 4 international projects (2005-2014), with more than 30 months / intern in Thailand, Laos. Germany, Malaysia, Korea and more than 30 months / expert to Vietnam.

Basic materials analysis training is carried out at the Material Analysis and Development Center (MPAD) of the Thai Institute of Science and Technology (TISTR). Like a brother, MPAD was established more than ten years before COMFA and is also supported by a technical cooperation project of Germany. With a high sense of responsibility and enthusiasm, MPAD experts have trained the first class of COMFA staff to have good analytical skills, a wide understanding of materials and equipment that underpin the acquisition and developing advanced techniques later.

Advanced training focuses on technical areas not present in Vietnam such as Failure Analysis; Evaluate the current state of factory structure; Boiler water quality control consultant. The key staffs of COMFA have been trained overseas at TUEV-SUED / Germany, SIRIM / Malaysia and practiced in Vietnamese enterprises. Experts went to the industry with COMFA staff, both teaching at the production facilities, while studying and solving practical technical problems coming from domestic enterprises.

The recurring training for COMFA team was carried out through ASEAN – Korea and tripartite projects Vietnam – Germany – Thailand.

Maintaining the order of a research institute, constantly updating and improving staff’s knowledge, COMFA organizes monthly internal academic activities on related topics and shares experiences among groups. COMFA staff members are allowed to participate in necessary training courses related to their jobs, are sent for short-term exchange / visit abroad, etc … and study to become masters. doctor.

COMFA’s team has good teamwork skills, English skills for communicating work and writing reports.

COMFA laboratories are among the early laboratories recognized as conforming to the ISO / IEC 17025 laboratory management system, with number Vilas 346. COMFA’s team is trained and knowledgeable about ISO / IEC 17025 is not only provided by local experts, but is also imparted knowledge and experience by Thai experts from a center with similar functions to COMFA. For more than 10 years, COMFA has always maintained and perfected the ISO / IEC 17025 system, supporting to improve service quality.

Through international projects and investment by the Institute of Science and Technology, COMFA owns a system of nearly 40 basic and specialized equipment, manufactured from G7 countries or Europe such as: Tensile Tester Supper L120 Tensile Tester (USA), RKP-450 Impact Test Equipment, Scanning Electron Microscope Jeol JMS 6490 (Japan), Optical Microscope Axiovert 40 MAT (Germany), Ascott Acceleration Test Cabinet CC450XP (UK UK), Autolab PGSTAT-302N Universal Electrochemical Measuring Device (The Netherlands), SpectroTest Metal Chemical Analysis Mobile Device (Germany), Field Analog Metal Structure Analytical Equipment Replica techniques,… COMFA’s equipment are periodically maintained and calibrated in compliance with ISO 17025 and certified using certified standard samples (Certified Reference Materials – CRM) for inspection.



In addition, COMFA is also supported by the huge equipment capacity of the Institute of Science and Technology and more than thirty specialized institutes on the campus of the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology.

Scanning electron microscope

Jeol JMS 6490 (Japan) 

Optical microscope

Axiovert 40 MAT (Germany)

Set of equipment to analyze the metal structure in the field by Replica technique

Electrochemical universal measuring equipment Autolab PGSTAT-302N (The Netherlands)

Accelerated corrosion test cabinet

Ascott CC450XP (UK)

Low-scale conductivity meter, dedicated to the analysis of water / steam in thermal power plants



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