Failure Analysis (Failure Analysis) – Primary learning is a science with a long-standing foundation (more than 100 years) in the world, to support industry to reduce, prevent repeated failures, improve capacity and the reliable operation of equipment, ensuring production safety, thereby improving economic efficiency and ensuring the sustainable development of the business. PTHH also aims to improve and develop products, define liability (warranty, insurance …).

There are many causes of equipment damage: material defect, design error, assembly, fabrication, operation, environmental impact, etc. However, most of the damage is not caused by a single cause that is usually a combination of some of the above.

PTHH is the process of researching to find the root cause of the problem, and it is important to come up with solutions to prevent repeated spoilage.

PTHH is carried out by a team with comprehensive expertise in material engineering, mechanics, chemistry as well as process technology and production equipment, etc.PTHH needs comprehensive skills and equipment for analyzing the properties of materials. In particular, indispensable skills and equipment for analyzing metal structures, fracture analysis skills on scanning electron microscopy (SEM).


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